Visiting Mediator, Arbitrator from the US to Turkey

Jaya Sharma Vahit Bıçak

Just & Fair Mediation | Arbitration Centre is proud to welcome the USA mediator and arbitrator Jaya Sharma who seek experience in Turkey mediation and arbitration system, while learning from, and forging relationships with, some of our practicing mediators and arbitrators. Likewise Just & Fair Mediation | Arbitration Centre, Jaya Sharma is also committed to providing superior legal representation that is not only professional, but accessible and personal.

Nowadays, the growing complexity of dispute settlement work—work that is increasingly cross-practice and multijurisdictional in nature—requires mediators and arbitrators to collaborate across expertise and organizational boundaries.

A Greater Global Perspective

She is actively involved in client work, participate in team meetings, and work with a variety of partners and associates. We provided her with a realistic sense of the work performed at our Firm, and an in-depth overview of Turkey mediation and arbitration systems, opportunities of attending client meetings, hearings, trials and closings. We quickly learned that whether we were sending our mediators and arbitrators overseas or hosting a foreign mediator or arbitrator at home we all gained a greater global perspective and broader cultural understanding.

Combine our Perspectives and Expertises

We, Miss Jaya Sharma and Just & Fair Mediation | Arbitration Centre, combine our perspectives and expertises and tailor them to the clients’ needs such that the outcome is more than the sum of the participating individuals’ knowledge. The aim of our collaboration is to deliver high-quality outcomes on complex issues. Our relationships will extend over time and across discrete projects as the participants identify new approaches and initiate further engagements. In addition to offering up our expertise, our professional team members also help, advise, stimulate and counterbalance one another. By truly collaborating, our team of mediators and arbitrators will able to address issues that none could tackle individually.

International Exchange and Cooperation

Nowadays, international cooperations, exchange of information and experience have increased significantly. Legal, political and social changes have influenced global, national and regional traditions. The practice of mediation, arbitration and litigation systems of the USA, Turkey and India are very different and multifaceted. There are differences in legislations, in the principles of law and in their interpretations. In every country the mediators, arbitrators and litigators have a distinctive national traditions. The definition of dispute prevention and dispute settlement is tied up with the own point of view. The perspectives of international exchange and cooperation have to come from current state of knowledge and national legal descriptions.

The Awareness of Global Identity

The study visit of Miss Jaya Sharma supports the global sense of community that exists beside national and regional solidarity. The awareness of global identity in dispute prevention and dispute resolution matters creates a basis of harmonisation in different systems and more active international cooperations in operational and practical measures. Main aims of the study visit, the exchange of information, maintaining contact on appropriate areas of cooperation and colloboration; the sharing of best practice and research is deepened due to the professional study visit.

Feeling as Members of a Common Global Space

The study visit of Miss Jaya Sharma has been an excellent opportunity to support and engross the mind about dispute prevention and dispute resolution and improving global cooperation. Working together and reflecting on various job-related issues, sharing different point of views, discovering and accepting other ways of seeing things and many other positive aspects made both the host and visitor feel more like members of a common global space.


To deepen this enormous opportunity, everyone has received maximum benefits from it. Another important point is that contacts and networks have been established. This were useful for common future projects and future cooperations.

We would like to thank to Miss Jaya Sharma for taking initiative for such a fruitful study visit.

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