The Mediators Appointment Committee of J & F can provide an electronic list of three or more mediators with the expertise and experience to match clients’ needs. The nominee is chosen from an mediator panel (pool) which J & F has established and maintains, made up of its own panel of mediators as well as other mediators from Turkey and around the world with relevant experience and expertise.

On request and receipt of the appropriate fee, we will provide clients with the list, the candidates’ biographies and fee schedules within three business days. Each party may rule out any candidate(s) and rank the remainder.  The Mediators Appointment Committee can then select one from the list and issue an appointment letter, copying the parties.

The decision of appointing a nominee is made by taking into accounts a range of factors including the nature of the dispute, identity of the parties, availability of potential mediators, their expertise and experience, independence and impartiality, and any other matters considered relevant by the Mediators Appointment Committee or highlighted by parties in their Appointment Application(s).