With over 8 years of experience, the Just & Fair Mediation Centre has helped over 1,000 people.  We’ve seen many successes with mediation over the years and wanted to share some with you. Here are just some of them.

Consumer Dispute

A homeowner hired a handyman she had used on numerous occasions. This job involved repairing her redwood deck. During the repair, dry rot was found and the handyman informed the owner that the job would be more expensive than the original estimate. The final bill was about twice the original estimate. The homeowner refused to pay the increased amount and said she would not use the handyman again. As a result of mediation the parties agree to split the disputed amount and their relation was improved to the point that the owner hired the handyman for a new job.

Divorcing couple gets help with parenting plan

A couple in the process of their marital break-up sought mediation at the advice of a friend, to minimize litigation costs and to try to reduce escalating acrimony. They successfully achieved both goals. Through several mediation sessions, they were able to focus on their shared love for their children and establish a cooperative parenting plan. Their mutually acceptable new schedule was a success by preserving their relationships with the kids and re-connecting as co-parents, despite the fracture in their marriage. They agreed to seek counselling together for some behavioural issues with one of the children, which seemed to be related to the pending divorce. They also decided to confer with attorneys about other financial and property matters and will return to mediation. They expressed their new-found confidence to work together, thanks to mediation.