We are living in times where change and disruption have become the norm. The dispute resolution world in which we operate is not immune to either phenomena. Technology and cost pressures in particular influence everything that we do, from the way in which we work to the way in which disputes have traditionally been resolved.

Online dispute resolution is very much now a reality while machine learning or artificial intelligence is both overtly and covertly intruding more and more into areas traditionally the domain of humans when it comes to resolving disputes. Where this will end up is anyone’s guess.

What is certain is there will be no going back and, human nature being what it is, there will always be disputes and a role to play for dispute resolvers. And it is a role that is no less important than that played by our traditional court system.

We ensure that the standard of training and accreditation of our mediators continues to meet the needs and expectations of the community we serve, and the J & F remains committed to providing leadership on all aspects of dispute resolution. We are confident the business strategy set by the Board and the changes that are taking place within the Centre are very much focused on achieving the best outcomes.

The J & F prepares and orders reports exploring international and domestic dispute resolution in general and mediation in particular. Please download and browse J& F Mediation Centre’s annual reports.