Mediation is an exceptionally competitive, diverse field, one in which adding an internship with a respected organization to your resume will set you apart from the competition.

Under Turkish law, only trained and accredited lawyers can become mediators and be listed in the mediators’ registry of the Ministry of Justice. Participating and successfully completing the requisite 78 hours of training is compulsory first step to become a “certified mediator” by the Turkish Ministry of Justice. The second step is participating in the competitive national mediation examination in which around 30.000 candidates compete and only 5.000 are successful in each two years. At the moment, there are sixteen thousands mediator certified, accredited and registered by the Ministry of Justice.

Practical experience is an important addition to regular coursework, and it can help you make sure you’ve chosen the right area of mediation to pursue. Mediation internships range from learning the techniques of monitoring and analyzing mediation sessions to researching on dispute resolution methods to exploring exploitation in the labor market, all of which will be vital knowledge for your future career.