The Just & Fair Mediation Centre, leading provider of alternative dispute resolution services, has been dealing with mediation for a long time, when few institutions and professionals paid attention to the phenomenon of mediation. The Center immediately understood the potential of the system, believing that mediation is the ideal system for the resolution of dispute resolution.

The Centre is a neutral and global dispute resolution provider, structured as a joint-stock corporation company, which offers time- and cost-efficient alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options. The mediation enable private parties to efficiently settle their domestic or cross-border disputes out of court. 

Just & Fair Mediation is mediation firm. Our services are offered nationwide and worldwide. We offer voluntary mediation opportunities to everyone for all types of disputes anywhere, anytime for fixed scaled fees.

Our mediators are nationally and internationally accredited and have a legal background. Just & Fair Mediators are qualified in mediation and law and all comply with ongoing professional development and are committed to the ethos and guidelines of the Mediation Standards of UN and EU. All mediators are accredited by the Ministry of Justice. This means that Just & Fair Mediators have the emotional intelligence, training and skills to facilitate productive mediations. Our mediators are patient, kind and passionate about helping you to achieve your desired outcome. We take time to understand your concerns and can succinctly articulate and summarise your perspective and concerns. We remain independent throughout and do everything to make sure you feel safe and supported at all times.

We are there in the mediation with you to level the playing field, balance any power imbalance and ensure respectful behaviour at all times by everyone. Just & Fair Mediators guide and facilitate the mediation process. Our mediators are future focused and non-judgemental. As an independent third-party, Just & Fair Mediators facilitate discussion, brainstorming of options and the thorough exploration of your concerns. Just & Fair mediators are insightful into relationships and the potential barriers to your settlement. We are confident to ask the difficult questions and drill down into the real issues and reality test options with you. However, you are always in control. You decide how you want your mediation to end. The outcomes are decided by you and can then be legally formalised by our mediators so that they are enforceable.

We believe that mediation is the viable alternative dispute resolution because it is cost-effective, quicker, private and convenient and offers the opportunity for you to decide on creative and lasting agreements. We can help you to resolve all kinds of disputes – no matter whether the dispute is personal or commercial, and across all ages, genders and industries.

The Centre is a registered private practice specializing in alternative dispute resolution strategies that include mediation as an alternative to parties fighting in court. Taking someone to court is expensive, tedious, and stressful! Your situation is a setback to overcome, not a battle to be won, and by working together to overcome the issue at hand, your time, financial, and emotional costs are significantly reduced.

Many people who are involved in a dispute are concerned about the uncertainty of the outcome of formal Court proceedings. They are naturally worried about the open-ended costs of going to Court. They would also like to have more control over the resolution of the dispute and the time-frame for resolution.

The Mediation Centre helps you maintain your personal and financial dignity, reduce any further misunderstanding and frustration, improve your communication and cooperation; and help you mediate sensible solutions that offer creative options that consider the needs and interests of everyone involved.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best services in the area!