With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, most mediations are currently being conducted online. Early indications from members of the mediation community are that the success rate is comparable with in person mediations.

How does online mediation work?

Apart from the fact that is done virtually through the internet, it works in the same way as mediations in person. Joint sessions are held where everyone can see and hear each other, and then private sessions which cannot be heard or seen by the other participants.

Although mediations can in theory be conducted by telephone, this is not recommended. Being able to see each other works much better.

What will I need for an online mediation?

Pretty much all you will need is a computer and a room to call in from which will allow you some quiet and privacy.

J& F uses Zoom which has unique meeting links and a secure password. You shouldn’t need to purchase any software to use it. We will set the meeting up.

Any questions or concerns you might have can be answered ahead of the day to make sure everything works as it should at the mediation meeting.