Property mediation is vast and varied. It focuses on disputes over the creation, ownership, transfer and protection of property interests, as well as the impact of relationship breakdowns, death and dissolution of partnerships. It involves landlord and tenant, commercial, agricultural, residential, local authority, and development property and covers buildings, green space and everything in between. 

Mediation is commonly used in property disputes. It is an ideal way for parties to take control of their dispute and reach a decision which is beneficial to both parties. Taking control back from the court and thinking of options outside of the usual orders that a court can make is a very attractive option to those involved in property disputes.

In relation to property disputes mediation is typically used in cases involving neighbours arguing over the ownership of land, party walls, rights of way and boundaries. It also is often used in relation to family disputes involving property such as inheritance claims, trusts, co-ownership and the property impact of relationship breakdown.

Being able to find a solution to suite both parties which is thought up and agreed between themselves, rather than enforced by a judge, provides for a much happier home living environment.

Property mediation can be particularly useful where there is a relationship to preserve, as it gives the parties the opportunity to speak openly and discuss all the circumstances – this allows the parties to understand each other better when emotions get in the way. 

Our Property Mediators are all expert property lawyers who understand the law and the practical and commercial realities that underline property disputes. They combine their many years of experience dealing with property disputes with their skills as mediators. They are all empathic, personable and patient. They have the perfect combination of skills, personality and experience to help you and your opponent to find practical and acceptable solutions to your problem. Our property mediators work well together and will co-mediate where required. All our mediators offer Online Mediation.