Our Workshops are long interactive meetings or educational sessions designed to create a specialized result. Workshops are longer than the typical business meeting and require more preparation beforehand. Workshops typically involve a central trainer or facilitator who works with a set of sponsors to design the sequence of presentations, plan collaborative activities, and ensure the workshop will lead to the desired result. Workshops emphasize hands-on interaction.

Our strategic planning often includes one or more planning workshops. Kickoffs, team chartering, requirements analysis, services design, value stream mapping, and other meetings with large collaborative deliverables is all conducted as workshops.

Our workshops combine industry-leading practitioners with academic excellence to blend theory, practice and skills into engaging digital learning experiences preparing learners for 21st Century mediation practice.

A new type of mediator is needed who is not only trained in the use of coding and legal technology, but also in skills that Artificial Intelligent will not be capable of automating. These include the very “human” capabilities of creativity, empathy, compassion, and emotional intelligence.

We partner with universities and professional education bodies to bring industry-led skills education into the mediation training curriculum.

Our digital workshops are practitioner-led, professionally accredited and cross jurisdictional for online or blended university delivery.