The he following domestic laws and regulations govern the conduct of mediation in Turkey:

  • Mediation Code.
  • Civil Procedural Code number 6100 of 12 January 2011.
  • Regulation on the Code on Mediation in Civil Disputes of 26 January 2013.
  • Model Ethics and Rules for Mediators and Mediation System announced by the Ministry of Justice, Mediation Board in March 2013.
  • Mediation Fee Schedule annually regulated by the Ministry of Justice Department of Legal Affairs, Mediation Department.
  • Code on Labour Courts number 7036 of 12 October 2017 (Code on Labour Courts).
  • Code on Commencement of the Proceedings Relating to Pecuniary Claims Originating from Subscription Contract numbered 7155, dated 6 December 2018.
  • Turkish Code on Commerce numbered 6102, dated 13 January 2011.
  • Procedures and Principles Regarding Mediation Specialising in Labour Law.