Nathalie Herren

Nathalie Herren, International Mediator

  • Accredited Mediator,
  • Education 
  • Member
    • FSM (Swiss federation of mediation associations)
    • Member of ThinkTank and Commission of Training and Recognition(CFR)
    • Ex Member of Congress 2020
    • SCCM (Swiss chamber of commercial mediation)
    • National Committee Board Member (Former Vice-president Vaud)
    • GPM (Pro mediation association)
    • REG (Network children Geneva)
    • AIFI (International French Speaking Facilitator)
    • FGeM (Federation of mediation Geneva)
    • MédiaNE (Mediation Neuchâtel)
    • CENAC
    • SYME
  • Current Experience
    • Head consultant at Armonibre
    • Sworn mediator to the Geneva State Council (since 2009)
    • CECAR conciliator (Listening Commission, Conciliation, Arbitration, Compensation) relating to time-barred cases of sexual abuse of minors committed by diocesan pastoral agents or religious congregations established in Switzerland (since 2017)
    • HES SO (HETSL) panelist, Consructive Conflict Resolution (Communication and Collaboration module) (since 2011)
    • Professional Judge at the international commercial mediation competition of the International Chamber of Commerce (CCI) in Paris (since 2019)
    • Reliable Person («personne of trust» en entreprise PCE)
    • Curator in the State of Vaud (Since 2018)
    • Business and private consultant in conflict and change management.
  • Previous Experience
    • (2008-2014) Special counsellor to the State secretariat for migration, asylum and repatriation and Deputy director for Planning and Resources, Project Manager: Proposal and implementation of HR strategy policy, in charge of training, president of working groups, trust group for cases of sexual harassment and mobbing, mediator with the internal government pool.
    • Mandates for UNICEF, Red Cross and Red Crescent Mouvement, Peace Brigades international, etc.


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