emine evcimen

Emine Evcimen, Expert Mediator

  • İstanbul University Faculty of Law, LLB
  • Legal Consultant 
  • Trained, certified, licensed and accredited mediator, (since 2013) Ministry of Justice Registration number: 213
    • Mediator in general 
    • Expert mediator for employment disputes
  • Successfully completed more than 150 hours of advanced mediation and negotiation training in addition to basic mediation training and underwent additional training in order to specialize in several dispute resolution areas.
  • Dispute resolution experience of more than 200 disputes in Turkey on
    • Business and partnership disputes
    • Contract, product liability disputes
    • Intellectual property, trademark and licensing disputes
    • Real estate disputes, construction defects
    • Insurance coverage claims
    • Personal injury and torts
  • Mediation Advocate
  • Mediation Advisor
  •  Attorney
    • Ankara Bar membership number: 20102
    • Union of Turkish Bars membership number: 
  • Arbitrator
  • Arbitration Advocate
  • Arbitration Advisor


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